My wife has Type 1 Diabetes, diagnosed 2 years ago; my niece has a Kidney disease diagnosed 17 years ago. Wanting to help them any way I can!
My name is Joe Bogdanovich. I'm 52 years old and happily married, but my life has not always been this blessed. The day before Thanksgiving 20 years ago, I had an easy medical procedure and during that procedure I had a small stroke. I was 32 years old and thought "oh my gosh, my life is over as I know it". I've gotten better and for the most part, do not have any residual issues from that any longer.

I married later than most, when I was 42. My wife actually was never married before as well, so this was, and is, a perfect match! It is said that good things come to those who wait, and firmly believe it! When we met, I had worked for 15 years as a project manager for the top Telecom company in the world, and a month before we were married I, along with my entire team, was "downsized". I got a decent severance package, but between being out of work and getting married, that did not last very long. Fast-forward another 10 years - we do not have any kids, are very happy, but still, to this day, have never gotten back to the career level, both with type of job and salary, that I had with that Telecom company. Life is hard. We did buy our house about 6 years ago, but it is bare bones. We've taken out loans to "update" it, and still have no landscaping (I love yard work!), and times are tough. My parents gave us a much-needed getaway this past December. To make matters worse, out of the blue, my wife was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes just over 2 years ago. There is no history in her family about that either, so both of our lifestyles have radically changed. There are good days and bad days, and "it is what it is", but it is still hard. For those who do not know, Type 1 Diabetes is a life-threatening auto-immune disease, where your pancreas stops producing enough insulin. There are a lot of misconceptions, and just to set the record clear: Type 1 Diabetes is not due to a poor diet. That would be Type 2! She constantly has to be aware of what she eats - basically no (or low) carbs, no sweets, limited everything! Needless to say, it really is life-altering, for both of us! Because of her diagnoses and on-going medical bills, and medication to keep her in check, plus the job situation I am in, times are tough.

Also, my niece is 19 years old. When she was 2, she was diagnosed with a kidney disease the not much was known about – and still is not known about today. She needs to take anti-rejection medication each day because her body is fighting to reject her own kidneys. Since she started this at such a young age, this is “normal” for her, but still is hard. Her dosage is always being monitored and adjusted as needed. Even though she is 19 years old, she still goes to Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis often to have this checked and monitored. And because still not much is known about this disease, research needs to continuously be done, and that takes money.

I'd love to have enough money to do a few things: pay off debt, donate to Cardinal Glennon children’s hospital, continue to update my house, landscape and be able to provide for my wife and her fight with this terrible disease. I would be happy to talk to anyone who may be in a similar situation.
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