Ronnie Timmons

The Founder and CEO of TPO3, Ronnie Timmons, was born in Atlanta, Georgia where he has lived most of his life. Ronnie enthusiastically says that he has absolutely loved growing up and living in one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world. Atlanta today is a major hub for business and finance, high-tech developments, commerce, education and research, medicine and health, performing arts and entertainment, media, film and television, sports franchises, and has one of the most beautiful, natural environments of any city in the world. Atlanta has been dubbed "a city in a forest."

Growing up in such a progressive, energized environment has shaped Ronnie into the high-achieving, aspiring, enterprising citizen he is today. After three years of college, Ronnie joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he served with distinction for eight years. Upon his honorable discharge, Ronnie entered the world of business, developing an extensive repertoire of experiences, including sales, banking and finance, management, real estate investing, engineering and the construction industry. He has held a number of executive positions, including President of an engineering firm, Vice President of a private mortgage banking firm and Project Manager in the construction industry. From a young age, Ronnie immersed himself in the arts of music and dance. During high school, he became one of the first male dancers in the acclaimed, Atlanta-based, Moving in The Spirit Organization, which uses dance to teach today’s youth the social, emotional and cognitive skills needed to reach their highest potential in all areas of development. Ronnie continues to serve on the Board of that prestigious oganization today. At an early age, Ronnie learned to play trombone and became a section leader in both his high school and college bands. While in his college band, he became a Charter Member of Kappa Kappa PSI National Band Franternity and served as president for both the band and the fraternity. Ronnie is married and has five wonderful children, two boys and three girls. His most recent business venture is in the arena of crowdfunding where, over the past several years, he has acquired expertise and has developed a Trademark for an extremely innovative, highly successful way of dispersing donations across all registered compaigns of his TPO3 platform, a method he named the “Automated AlgorithmTM” portal. This well-organized, prosperous, and rewarding activity is bringing financial solutions to the goals and needs of people, including Educators and First Responders, all over the world. Ronnie and his entire staff, along with all the current Registered Donors, invite you to join the very Successful TPO3 family. Both your life and ours will be greatly enriched as a result!