TPO3 has developed a method that invites participants to
take a purely empirical approach to establishing
and completing successful campaigns.

TPO3, which means The Power of Three, is a for-profit, Donation-Based, Crowdfunding Platform. Our goal is to help impact the personal lives of Educators, First Responders, and Communities in making positive change.

What initially led me to found TPO3? What are some specifics that make TPO3 unique, different and much more member-focused than all other crowdfunding platforms? Why did I choose to put a special focus on helping Educators and First Responders when I created TPO3?

Bringing a different, donation-crowdfunding model that separates itself from all other platforms that exist to date, TPO3’s donors contribute to good and viable campaigns while being contributed to. Your donation is pooled together with other Donors and distributed within its exclusive portal called the Automated Algorithm™.