No, TPO3 is designed not only for Educators and First Responders to participate. People within the community can also participate, with the overall objective of helping one another to reach their funding goals.
No, the campaign you create is for whatever personal needs you have.
Anyone with a good or worthy cause or idea.
The Power of Three: Dedicated to our Educators, First Responders and Communities across the world.
A pre-determined, donated amount set by the platform for distribution to all registered campaigns.
When a new Registered Donor (one who makes a Designated Donation) begins a campaign on TPO3’s website, this allows for all existing campaigns (that have already been registered) to be funded. Which means that TPO3, through its proprietary, Automated AlgorithmTM, ensures that every donor who registers a campaign after your campaign contributes a portion of their donation to your campaign, as well as other campaigns that are already in the portal. This ensures that you get the backing you need, guaranteed. We call it - Crowdfunding OrganizedTM.
It is a proprietary system designed to distribute funds in a uniquely organized way until each campaign’s registered goal is reached.
All participants must register an account that includes name, email address and information necessary to transfer funds. Users’ privacy will be maintained.
The key to getting funded is the crowd. Traditional methods of Crowdfunding have become increasingly competitive. Which means if your campaign doesn’t stand out, support is limited, if at all. This platform allows you to get the potential backing needed when sharing with others who also have needs. Simply stated, the more TP03 Users share the platform, the more everyone benefits.
Funding personal goals in the lives of Educators, First Responders and Communities around the world through the power of both giving and receiving donations in a uniquely organized way.
TPO3 applies the biblical principle of giving first. When each registered donor applies this principle, distribution of funds is made so that all campaigns receive the guaranteed backing that’s needed to reach their financial goals.
TPO3 allows you to raise funds for any legal personal endeavor.
Any campaigns that solicit violence, hate, personal injury or harm, property damage, deception or activities that go against Local, State or Federal Laws.
Our donation system is compatible with all major cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express (debit or credit).
All registered campaigns are automatically approved, subject to verification at any time, at TPO3’s discretion. Campaigns are then entered into the Automated AlgorithmTM portal, being positioned to start receiving donations from new and already-registered donors, until funding goals are met.
For every registered campaign, the maximum potential funding goal reaches up to $300,000, USD.
TBD! Our goal, when a donation is made to your campaign, will be for you to be immediately notified via the email address you used when you registered.
When transacting with the platform (donating or transferring funds), donors may incur fees related to that transaction, depending upon the Campaigner banking institution’s Terms of Use.
TPO3 does not limit you to a certain number of campaigns. Please note that a Designated DonationTM will be required for each campaign registered.
We are not responsible for any legal claims regarding campaigns submitted. Your idea or concept is protected only when the owner has a patent or patent pending status.
This is a Donation-Based Crowdfunding; therefore, there is no requirement to offer any rewards.
TPO3 are not tax experts. We recommend seeking out a tax professional for your unique personal situation.
How quickly you reach your funding goal depends on the goal amount you set for your campaign and your ability to share with others who have a funding need.
Registered donors must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
Absolutely not! TPO3 is a for-profit business organization. Biblical principles are used to ensure that we operate with integrity and to build trust in all of our registered donors.
Campaigns are typically approved when donors reach their funding goal. When, at any time, the registered donor requests to withdraw/transfer funds, additional information may be requested for provability of use. There will be a 48-hour window for the registered donor to respond. TPO3 then verifies the information submitted and either denies or approves access to the funds generated for each campaign.
Yes! With the understanding of every registered donor that when funds are requested before the goal is reached, you forfeit the remainder of the donations that would have been made to that campaign. In other words, when you withdraw funds from a campaign that has not yet reached its goal, that campaign is ended.
The Profile tab gives you a summary of your campaign(s) and the opportunity for you to create a new one.